Amazing Hong Kong Inspired Farewell Gifts!

Whether you're the one leaving Hong Kong, or the one being left behind, these amazing Hong Kong inspired gifts will make the goodbyes a little easier.

15 May 2019 — By Catherine Stewart, Nancy Matos / Shopping
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We Love These Gorgeous Hong Kong Themed Gifts

If you’re looking for a farewell gift for a friend who’s leaving Hong Kong then look no further, we’ve got all tastes and budgets covered. We’ve picked the best Hong Kong inspired art, homeware, jewellery and accessories, kids’ gifts, food & drink , HK photoshoots and a few special experiences. Even if, like us, you’re very firmly staying put in HK you’ll want to get your hands on some of this lovely stuff.

Hong Kong Inspired Art

Teal Bird Belinda Bath

Belinda Bath’s distinctive and stylish photo montage designs capture those all important memories of Hong Kong life. Belinda uses her own original pictures to create her designs, some of which can be personalised. The ready-to-hang range has some eye-popping pieces bursting with colour, like the ‘Teal Bird’. Prices start at $4,500 for a 30″ x 36″ stretched canvas. You can also design your own bespoke artwork – or build your own colour palette – for unforgettable gift they’ll truly cherish.


Wander with Nicole frames

Take a peek at what Wander With Nicole has in terms of Hong Kong-themed gifts, particularly the custom-designed frames. Each image contains a scene from the city, with a wee figurine to match. Want to gift someone with a striking Star Ferry or a red urban taxi photo? Either comes handsomely framed, with a toy ferry or taxi inside the frame for an appealing touch. There’s others to choose from, or create one to suit their individual style. Nicole also has a nice selection of greeting cards and eye-catching prints with memorable local images.


Artflo Designs

Talented artist Florence Traisaac at Arteflo Design paints distinctive and vibrant pieces inspired by Hong Kong street life, especially the bustling markets. Her paintings are packed with fun details and prices start at $2,700 depending on the format. Florence also offers canvas prints of her work and cards featuring her designs. Get in touch with her for more information.


Louise Hills Little Chinese Windows

Designer Louise Hill’s Hong Kong-inspired pieces are intricate, multi-layered collages created using photographs, her own illustrations and patterns, vintage images and fabric. They capture the essence of the city and bring it right into your home. Her latest set of prints, Little Chinese Windows, are wonderfully detailed, printed in special archival Giclee inks that have a vibrant clarity of colour and fine detail. They can be purchased in a simple yet elegant white wooden frame (43cm x 43cm) or unframed (20cm x 20cm), starting at $1,720.

art by eleanor mccoll

For that friend who’s always on the lookout for cool new art, Eleanor McColl’s works will be happily received. She works in a variety of media, including oil paintings, photo montages and collages, all inspired by Hong Kong, with a focus on the urban environment. The city’s hectic street life is imaginatively shown in the HK People collage collection, depicting black and white silhouettes of everyday characters like rubbish collectors and street sweepers. The series comes in small limited edition prints of 20 (22” x 15”, $6,000 each) or large limited edition prints of 10 (28” x 18”, $9,800 each). It’s a work in progress that expands upon the Zodiac Collection (13.5” x 9.5”, $1,800 each) featuring more inventive collages representing the Chinese Zodiac. Find out more in our interview with the artist.


Biscuit Moon Designs Hong Kong canvases

Text art fans will love these stylish canvases by Biscuit Moon Designs. The “My Hong Kong Memory” and “My Favorite Places” bus scrolls can be customised with any background colour and prices start at $980 for a 30cm x 60cm canvas. The “Special Memories” canvas is completely bespoke; customise it with where you or your friends have lived, worked and played in Hong Kong for a really unique gift. Prices start at $1000 for a 30 x 30cm canvas.


Sooq typo map canvas

Staying on the Hong Kong text art theme, how about this typographic map of Hong Kong by Sugar Snap Prints? The background colour can be customized and costs $800 for a 70cm x 50cm stretched canvas. New to the collection are Hong Kong junk and skyline prints ($450), with aqua or red sails. The prints have a vintage feel, and will look chic on any wall.


Francesco Lietti

For a unique and beautiful take on that iconic skyline, check out Francesco Lietti’s striking paintings of Hong Kong.  Richly coloured and full of detail, these would look great on pretty much any wall. The artist has also transformed his imagery onto elegant 100% silk scarves in six designs, printed in limited editions of 100. Prices are available on application and although they might stretch the budget, perhaps you could treat yourself to one last splurge? See more of Francesco’s work here online or at Yan Gallery on Hollywood Road.



The “Farewell My HK” series by Ciaolink are unique works that capture the essence of Hong Kong in subtle black outlines. Using pachika, a special paper that becomes transparent when heated, the detailed drawing on the transparent areas of the craftwork seems 3D-like. It’ll be hard to choose just one – be it a scene from Percival Street or Man Mo Temple – but at $720 each, presented in a sleek wood and glass frame, you should get a few. Available at Kapok.



Ginny Malbon’s unique collages and prints perfectly marry together details and street scenes of Hong Kong in a dynamic and colourful way. You can create your own personalized art using the “Hong Kong Street Alphabet”, which Ginny has photographed using objects found on local streets that resemble letters to create names, words or sayings. Your choice is framed with an artistic touch to reflect on for years to come, and can be made with a space for friends to sign for a special goodbye. Prices start from $350 for an 8″ by 8″ matted print. Also, check out the Chinabcs (a=alphabet, b=beauty, c=creative) gift range featuring her photography on coaster sets ($200), ceramic mugs ($140), A5 hardback notebooks ($120) and more.


NIck Gleitzman Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour and Kowloon from The Peak at sunrise

Photographer Nick Gleitzman has captured stunning panoramic images of Hong Kong, in all weathers and at all times of the day or night. And it’s not just Victoria Harbour, if you live out in the islands or New Territories you will also find an image of your Hong Kong home on his website. Prices start at $1,200 for a 61cm-wide panoramic print, and sizes go all the way up to 5 meters wide. Prints are available unframed, or finished in conventional frames, such as stretched canvas, or face mounted on aluminium.


Nick Gleitzman photos

Getting away from the grand panoramas and focusing on the small details of Hong Kong life, Nick also has a stunning range of other Hong Kong photography on sale. Prices for these prints start at $475.


Or how about a family photo shoot with the streets of Hong Kong as the backdrop?

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Hong Kong-Inspired Homeware

You could take a wander around Hollywood Road and Upper Lascar Road (Cat Street) to hunt for a unique home decor gift among the antique shops, curio stores and art galleries. But if you don’t fancy pounding the pavements don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this selection of Hong Kong-inspired homeware.


decorative Hong Kong letterboxes

Inspired by traditional Chinese culture, these precious Hong Kong letterboxes come in a variety of classic colours with vintage embellishments. The nostalgic icons are sure to spark conversation when featured in the home of a loved one, and can be made bespoke so you really capture their style and taste. Designer Helen Dickson crafts them in a variety of subtle, vibrant and classic hues, with vintage-style locks and tassel adornments. She also makes lovely calligraphy brush/jewellery stands that stand out on one’s dresser or entrance table. Contact Vintage +852 via Facebook for pricing.

Lion Rock farewell gifts

Gather a group to sign their names and jot down a memory in this luxe notebook ($150) with Chinese red flocked cover and gold foil-edged paper. The message on the cover says it all: You can leave Hong Kong but it will never leave you. The sentiment is also featured on a cheerful mug showcasing pre-colonial (junk), colonial (Star Ferry) and post-colonial (big rubber duck) Hong Kong, and comes boxed for easy gifting.


Aoyama Memories Notebook

Treasure those fantastic moments with friends in Hong Kong with this MEMORIES album from Aoyama Notebooks ($190). Yes, it means downloading and printing all the pics on your phone, but once you see them arranged on the pages, with Japanese-patterned stickers for adhering the pictures, you’ll be so glad you made the effort (as will they!). The album consists of 64 plain, thick cotton textured pages that are also suitable for watercolour, so you can opt to create some painted memories on the pages in lieu of photos. For an added touch, a “Farewell Hong Kong” postcard comes with each album bought from the webshop, where you can find other lovely goodbye gifts, like these small Hong Kong notebooks ($65 each or $220 for a set of 4). Items also available at Bookazine and A Station in Stanley Plaza.


The perfect farewell gifts from Shanghai Tang

We know you hardly need us to tell you that Shanghai Tang sell beautiful gifts with an oriental feel, but we just have to mention them because they have so many stylish options (and they have even helpfully rounded up some farewell gift inspiration for you right here).  Some of our favourites are these gorgeous lacquered boxes featuring modern Chinese motifs. They’re excellent parting gifts for both men and women, and are designed for various uses like storing jewellery, playing cards, or just to sit pretty. For the friend who was always the perfect host (and liked to share their wine) give the perfect gift with this quality wine stopper from the new “Vivid Dragon Collection”. Perhaps pair it with an attractive photo frame featuring meaningful Chinese designs (starting at $980) or one of these gorgeous bone china jars or trays (from $980).


GOD Farewell Gifts

Another place to head for Hong Kong related gifts is Goods of Desire. GOD are much easier on the wallet than Shanghai Tang, and we love their quirky Hong Kong-inspired designs. A lot of their stuff is small, so it can be easily packed away in a carry-on if your farewell will be at the airport. Check out the letterbox magnet set, inspired by the metal letterboxes that were scattered throughout hallways in older Hong Kong buildings, foldable travel slippers ($145) emblazoned with images of HK’s noted vernacular architecture, or these fun silicone mahjong wine glass markers ($228).


Lantau Ren Towels

The pieces from Lantau Ren always make for a nice parting gift, especially for the Lantau crowd. Have friends leaving who are hard to shop for? They’ll surely make good use of these super soft bath towels embroidered with island transport icons – the blue taxi and bus ($330, set of two).


Fiona Paton Lumineries
If you want a more ’boutique’ option for gift shopping you could start with Hong Kong-based designer Fiona Paton‘s Hong Kong Style range. Each of these hand cut Chinese paper-adorned luminaries features an intricate design and reflects beautifully when lit (from $160).


Hong Kong themed christmas ornaments

Thinq Hong Kong’s stainless steel ornaments in classic Hong Kong images come in a pack of three for $140.They will bring a touch of Hong Kong to future Christmas trees and can also be used as bookmarks. Or how about these sweet hanging decorations from Lion Rock Press? The set of four hand-painted ornaments, each with a satin ribbon for hanging, come nicely packaged in local culture, heritage, transport and travel themes ($350). They make special keepsakes or cute leaving gifts for the kids’ school friends.


White Michelia candles

A fragrant candle from local shop The Candle Company will fill your friend’s new home with the warm scent of the well known local flower, the White Michelia. Each 100% beeswax candle jar ($280) is handmade in Hong Kong and comes wrapped in paper printed with a Hong Kong street design with matching gift box.


Hong Kong Photo Books

You needn’t be a bookworm to appreciate a good book for the home, especially when it’s a volume of brilliant photography. The Tramways of Hong Kong: A history in pictures and Chungking Mansions: Photographs from Hong Kong’s last ghetto (either $21.95 USD) are great souvenirs from life in the city, and will bring back memories with each flip of the page.

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Hong Kong-Inspired Jewellery & Accessories

Lantau Ren Fan Earrings

Looking for a pretty but sentimental piece of jewellery for someone who’s saying goodbye? Lantau Ren has designed a chic collection inspired by life on Lantau Island, including gold-plated necklaces with playful paper planes (reflecting the airport on Lantau) or cable cars, bringing to mind the famous Ngong Ping 360 ($680 each). Either will look stunning with a pair of 24K gold-plated Chinese fan earrings ($330), handcrafted from sustainable plants and painted in beautiful turquoise, royal purple or silver (actual silver plated).


pink dolphin and skyline necklaces from Simon Robin

Keep Hong Kong close to their heart with these cool necklaces depicting the skyline or a 1970’s map of HK from Simon Robin. Prices start at $600 for a choice of silver, black matt, gold or rose gold finish for an original and elegant gift. New to his range is The Pink Dolphin Jewellery Collection, created to raise public awareness about the Hong Kong dolphins’ possible extinction. Buy a complete set – pink dolphin earrings (stud or hook, $350), bracelet ($350) and necklace ($450) – each made with solid 316L stainless steel and 18K rose gold plate. Part of the sales will benefit the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society.


Double Happiness Jewelry

The traditional ornamental design, double happiness, is seen on many a souvenir, but instead of something kitschy featuring the recognised Chinese characters, opt for a classy ring ($800), suitable for him or her. Hong Kong jewellery brand Silversmith makes other double happiness pieces including earrings and bracelets, or go a different route and get this lovely Chinese fan pendant ($450).


They´ll remember all those good times at our awesome beaches with some cheerful swim trunks. Local brand Māzú Resortwear makes all sorts of cool prints for men and boys, including ones decorated with pink dolphins ($580, boys) or sampans ($1000, men).


Iphone covers

Everyone can use one of these, so set your departing friends off with some phone accessories with a local touch. Hong Kong brand MONOCOZZI has liquid glitter iPhone covers ($199) in a variety of cute designs to choose from featuring HK trams, yum cha and egg waffles. Not too pricey, and small for easy gifting and packing is a bonus too.


HK Oapes Farewell gifts

Your goofy pals will dig the creations of Hong Kong Oapes, who use local culture and characteristics of Hong Kong in their jewellery, like Lion Rock or Hong Kong street snacks. Take this Lion Rock rope necklace ($1,798), designed in silver contours to represent the iconic mountain, with delicate crystals that mimic the city’s lights. Then there’s funky silver Chinese pudding cufflinks ($999) or silver Hong Kong waffle earrings ($449).


Chailie Ho Scarves

Award-winning local designer Chailie Ho weaves artwork into beautiful silk scarves with imagery from around the world, including notable Hong Kong views like the  Bank of China building ($165), in bold colours. Spend a bit more and really wow her with the Tsing Ma Bridge scarf ($550) trimmed in exquisite European lace featuring Chailie’s watercolour drawings of Hong Kong’s Tsing Ma Bridge.


HK Charms

If your friend is a charm bracelet wearing kind of girl then these sterling silver, hand enameled Hong Kong charms from Cool Charm & Collected could be her thing. Choose from Hong Kong ferry, taxi, tram and dim sum designs, that will fit Pandora, Trollbeads, Lovelinks and other brands of charm bracelet.  Prices start at $27.00 USD (about $200 HKD).

patinova jewellery

Patinova take cultural and historical objects of interest and either re-purpose or re-create them in a new way so that their story continues as jewellery. We particularly love these Hong Kong coin cufflinks (prices start at $770). And we bet you never thought you’d find the perfect gift for the dragon boater in your life? Well now you have! The Dragon Boat Paddle collection starts at $925.


GOD Charms

When it comes to Hong Kong inspired jewellery, Goods of Desire have a great selection and we love these quirky HK charm necklaces. There are eight designs featuring different Hong Kong icons like a clay pot or dai pai dong stool ($250).


Hong Kong Beanie and Pocket Squares

Snappy dressers will appreciate these silk pocket squares ($295) that will show HK letterboxes or newspapers peeking out from their suit pocket. Do you have a friend heading to a chillier clime? Then this hip “Hong Kong” beanie from long-standing HK skate shop 8FIVE2 is a good gift idea.


Rugby Club shirts from GOD
Even if they’re not into rugby, they’ll fondly remember their neighbourhood whenever they don one of these HK district tees ($348) from GOD.


hong-kong-keepsake-bracelets A cool gift idea for teen boys or girls, these bracelets from niin ($390) feature silver and gold-plated charms from a happy Buddha to a Hong Kong map. The red strings, said to bring good fortune and positivity to their wearers, can be worn several at a time for a hip look.

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Hong Kong Gifts for Kids

HK Toy Chest children's book

We mustn’t forget the littlest Hong Kongers! Help them cherish their time spent here with a personalised book. The inventive books from Little Beans Toy Chest come with interactive features like zippers, lace, velcro and buttons, each one lovingly handcrafted. Their popular “I Love Hong Kong” quiet book ($390, ages 2 and up) takes kids on a local adventure, celebrating our rich culture with images they’ll be sure to recognise like colourful red taxis, green mini buses, the lantern festival and more.


Lunch Bag Petit Crayone Studio

All the wonderfully bright images on the products from Petit Crayon Studio start on paper: founder and artist Karine sketches and paints the designs using mostly watercolours, adding delicate details inspired by our dynamic city. These hooded beach towels ($270) for kids feature different motifs in vibrant colours like traditional Hong Kong mailboxes, red lanterns, a Central street scene, or the words “Hong Konger” on black watercolour stripes. Her popular lunch bags ($245), suitable for all ages, illustrate the same scenes and are made from neoprene – the material wetsuits are made from, meaning food stays colder longer and the bag can be easily squeezed into a knapsack or work tote.


My hong kong friends cropped

This memory book from Thinq Hong Kong ($150) will keep memories of Hong Kong friends alive forever and is a great farewell gift for the kids’ BFFs. There are pages for each friend to complete as well as pictures and fascinating facts about Hong Kong. Why not pass it around the friendship group and get it completed before gifting it?


Fiona Paton's children's picture frames
This beautiful framed HK transport-themed artwork from Fiona Paton Design will bring memories of Hong Kong into their new bedrooms. Die cast metal vehicles like Hong Kong taxis, trams and busses are mounted in a shadow box frame and are all priced at $680.


Lion Rock Coloring Sheets

These kids colouring cards from Lion Rock Press ($55) with tram, taxi, star ferry, dragon dance and dim sum designs would be a great personalised accompaniment to a leaving gift.


Lion Rock Games and puzzles for kids

Also from Lion Rock Press, these Hong Kong inspired puzzles are perfect for little ones from 18 months to 5 years  (from $100). And don’t let them forget their Cantonese just because they’re leaving Hong Kong. This matching and memory game ($150) depicting some of the city’s best loved icons is designed to make learning and recognising Chinese fun and exciting.


Little Days Blanket

Commemorate a child’s time in Hong Kong with a snuggly Little Days ‘Hong Kong Love’ blanket knitted using 100% cotton with their name and birth date. Priced at $720, they come in nine different colours and each one is decorated with iconic HK imagery.


All about me - dragon book

The book ‘My Dragon Hunt’ from All About Me can be personalised with a child’s name and a ‘lookalike’ character using stickers (the vendors will stick them on for you, or you can purchase it as an activity pack for the child to complete). The story follows an adventure around Hong Kong searching for a dragon and seeing lots of famous places along the way (starts at $180 for the DIY sticker book version).


Hong Kong Baby Shoes
How could you resist these darling baby shoes ($198) decorated in dim sum, lucky Chinese symbols, pandas and other adorable patterns? All shoes are handmade and part of the sale proceeds will be donated to Volunteer for the Visayans, a non-profit based in the Philippines focusing on community development and international education.


These adorable teddies (from $510) decked out in Hong Kong police uniforms from present day and yesteryear make a cute present for the wee ones you know moving away. Throw in some fun stickers ($29.38) of all things HK and the 30-page ‘Enjoy Hong Kong’ activity book ($80) to kill some hours on the plane. Kids can decorate and draw while reminiscing about their time in the city as they fly away.

abc books

Pictured left: Hong Kong from A to Z; Pictured right: My Hong Kong Alphabet

When they’re in their new home and missing Hong Kong, tuck them in with a bedtime story to bring back all those wonderful memories with this entertaining read, Hong Kong from A to Z ($195). Or for younger kids the My Hong Kong Alphabet board book ($160) is full of charming vintage-style illustrations that parents will also enjoy.

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Hong Kong Food and Drink

Ki Chan Tea Set

Ki Chan Tea Co., brewing high quality tea since 1942, has charming tea gift sets that are not too heavy and perfectly packaged to plop into the suitcase of a departing friend. This twin tea gift pack ($117) comes with high grade golden jasmine tea and special grade Keemum, a famous Chinese black tea. Each time they pour a hot cup in their new home, they’ll think of those times shared over tea with you, their thoughtful chum.


Mandarin Oriental Gift box

If it says Mandarin Oriental on the box, it’s a safe bet there’s going to be something really nice inside. The hotel is not just well-known for their luxury accommodation, but for the acclaimed Mandarin Cake shop, where oodles of treats are made daily. This handsome gift box ($988) gives them a sweet sample, filled with mixed chocolate nuts, oolong tea, X.O. sauce and their signature rose petal jam.


Perfume Trees Gin

When simple tea and sweets won’t do, go for the hard stuff: gin. And we’re not talking London gin, but the kind made right here in Hong Kong. The city has been experiencing a gin movement as of late, so get something for your HK drinking buddy to treasure as they set off. Perfume Trees Gin ($728) is inspired by “the flavours of Hong Kong” like white champaca, sandalwood and green tea. This craft gin is truly unique, and comes in a swanky bottle to boot.


Yu Kwen Yick hot sauce

Send them off with a true Hong Kong original to stock the cupboards of their new house: Yu Kwen Yick chilli sauce. Yu Kwen Yick know a thing or two about chilli (they also do a chilli bean sauce), having been in the business for almost a century. You’ve no doubt seen the slender bottle of spicy red goodness in restaurants around the city, but it can also be purchased at their Sai Ying Pun shop.


Pat chun Sauces

Or opt for the sauce that’s a key ingredient in Cantonese cooking, oyster sauce. Pat Chun has been selling Hong Kong sauces, including their legendary sweetened vinegar made from a traditional family recipe, since 1932.

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Hong Kong Photoshoots

When your friends are far away in their new home, they’ll appreciate these photo memories of their Hong Kong home. Gift them a family photoshoot so they’ll have precious memories of their kids exploring HK’s streets, or schedule one with your friend group and you’ll all have these photo memories of all the good times you had here.

Hong Kong family photo shoot

A Hong Kong Urban photo shoot with Paula Weston Photography creates the ultimate personalised leaving gift and memories that will last a lifetime. Shoot in the markets or on the waterfront, or maybe you can include the Star Ferry or the distinctive Hong Kong trams. There are so many choices but they are all guaranteed to look fabulous because you couldn’t get a more photogenic city than this one! Plus, Paula’s sessions are relaxed and fun and she’s full of energy to get the best of your children. Prices start at $4,950 for a Memories of Hong Kong Portrait Session (1.5 hours and 45 edited high resolution images).


family photo in Hong Kong

Delphine Riche Franz Photography’s style is colourful and contemporary, and it shows. Whether it’s a family climbing up a tree together or happily walking down Soho streets, the photo sessions are relaxed and fun. Delphine is great at capturing precious moments using the diversity of our amazing city as a backdrop, so even if a family member is feeling a bit camera-shy, she’ll get their best side. Book a Mini Session (30 minutes, 10 edited high-res images) for $2,400, a One Hour Session ($2,950, 20 edited high-res images) or get the Full Family Portrait Session for $3,950 (90 minutes, 40 edited high-res images), ideal for urban photography in multiple locations. Make sure your friends aren’t leaving without beautiful family memories of their time in Hong Kong and order them a personalised gift voucher.

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Unique Hong Kong Experience Gifts

Hong Kong Pink Dolphins

Don’t let your friends leave without catching a glimpse of one our pink dolphins! Hong Kong Dolphinwatch provide ecological tours ($460 per adult, $230 per child 3–11, $50 per child under 3) to see the resident species of Hong Kong, which can be sighted year round. There’s a focus on awareness with each trip, as you’ll be informed on the local environmental situation and how you can help the beloved creatures. Tours run every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and you can even charter your own boat (from $9,500) for a really memorable outing.


Tea tasting workshop

Before leaving, embrace the local tradition and enjoy a warming afternoon with a tea tasting workshop. Local craft tea company Plantation does interesting tea appreciation workshops in Sai Ying Pun, sometimes paired with chocolate tastings (from $450)! And if you’re saying goodbye to some little ones in your life, local award-winning tea house MingCha offers tea tasting sessions catered for families and kids too ($400 per adult, first child aged 11 or below free, additional child $200). After, take home a classic gift set to re-enact the experience at home.


Plateau Spa

Those with a penchant for all things lush know that this city has plenty of top spas to escape to. A spa day means relaxation, pampering, and some quality time with a dear friend. And, what a way to send them off! Plateau Spa at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong has a host of alluring packages, even one with a local twist. “Inner Revival” includes a 60-minute morning Tai Chi session (Thursdays or Saturdays only), a 60-minute “Hong Kong Massage”, and a dim sum basket with Chinese tea to unwind with. They may change their mind about leaving after this…


Peninsula Yacht

Do you know a special couple or deserving family who deserve one last memorable night in the city? Give them a taste of luxury at sea with an excursion on The Peninsula Yacht. It’s a cool experience, for kids or adults alike, taking them on a two-hour Harbour Sunset Cruise ($800 per adult, $300 per child, including dry snacks and beverages) or a 90-minute Symphony of Lights Cruise ($1,400 per adult, $600 per child, including canapés, Champagne, wine and soft drinks). Or for the best farewell ever, book a private charter for up to 15 guests, with a fully personalized itinerary (minimum of four hours) and onboard catering.


Hong Kong helicopter sight seeing

For the ultimate tick on that Hong Kong bucket list, book a thrilling helicopter sightseeing tour (from $2800 per person on a shared 18-minute flight). It’s a spectacular way to take in the city one last time, from an exclusive vantage point – up in the air! Take your pick from a number of experiences, be it a tour of the Victoria Harbour skyline, a journey above Hong Kong’s Geopark, or a complete aerial venture with breathtaking views of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Lantau Island.


Biscuitmoon designs leaving card

Finally, presentation is key, so place the above (usually an email print-out or gift card) into a thoughtful leaving card. Biscuit Moon Designs has many to choose from in lovely designs, with sentiments such as “Goodbye and Good Luck” and “Sorry You’re Leaving”, in different Hong Kong skyline or map motifs.

If this list inspired you, check out our Hong Kong bucket list and of course one last boozy brunch and afternoon tea is a must!

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Did we miss anything? Email [email protected] if you’d like to suggest something else we could include in this post.

Find many more Hong Kong based, designed or inspired gifts in our Christmas gift guide here!


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