The Hong Kong Observatory hoisted Standby Signal, No. 1 at 8.40pm on Wednesday night, as Super Typhoon Doksuri is within 800km of the city. However, it is unlikely that a higher signal will be hoisted as there are no high winds predicted over the SAR.

According to the Observatory, “The Standby Signal, No. 1 will remain in force this afternoon and tonight. According to the present forecast, the strong winds associated with Doksuri will keep some distance from the Pearl River Estuary.”

The typhoon, which is currently classified as a Severe Typhoon, is forecast to intensity into a Super Typhoon when it is closest to Hong Kong on Thursday morning.

The observatory also predicted that the weather will be, “it will be windier with squally showers over the coast of southeastern China.”

A screenshot from the Hong Kong Observatory app showing that Typhoon Doksuri is within 800km from Hong Kong, as of Thursday afternoon.
Typhoon Doksuri is within 800km from Hong Kong, as of Thursday afternoon (Screenshot from the Hong Kong Observatory app)

There has been much anticipation over Doksuri ever since it was first reported as an area of low pressure east of the Philippines last week. 

Earlier, the observatory forecast that Doksuri would move across the northeastern part of the South China Sea, maintain as a severe typhoon to super typhoon and gradually move towards the coastal areas of eastern Guangdong and southern Fujian on Thursday and Friday.

Earlier this month, Hong Kong had its first typhoon of 2023 when Talim led the Observatory to issue the Gale or Storm Signal No. 8, which was in place for 16 hours.

During this time, ferry and bus services in the city were suspended and the MTR trains were put in restricted mode, with increased intervals in departure times.

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