If you're a business owner or marketing professional and would love to get your product or service featured on the HK HUB - here's an amazing chance to win a FREE advertorial!
1 Jun 2019 / The HK HUB / Work
Everything you need to know if you are heading out to the horse races in Hong Kong!
If your business blogging needs a boost, these are my tips to make the writing process as easy as possible.
14 May 2019 / Work

HK Living

Holidays are so much more relaxing when you know you're fully covered if anything unexpected happens.
18 Mar 2019 / HK Living / Travel
25 fun ways to experience all that Hong Kong has to offer!
26 Apr 2018 / Around HK / Essential HK / HK Living

If your wardrobe is bursting at the seams and your favourite clothes are vying for space with your sports kit, the concierge clothes storage and virtual wardrobe service from PAKT is the answer to your woes.
23 Sep 2015 / Essential HK
Relocating with children is a challenge, as well as a wonderful opportunity. Discover how to make your move a smooth experience and what signs to look out for if things go wrong.
27 Aug 2015 / Family / Relocation
Are you a business owner? It doesn’t matter if you run a million dollar company or a small one man band, in today’s age of social media your profile picture is more important than ever. If your profile photo is a selfie taken with your iPhone it probably doesn’t convey the right first impression, but don’t worry, there …
10 Aug 2015 / Work
Bud On Creation, The HK HUB and Garage Society are offering one lucky start-up, the chance to win the ultimate prize!
22 Jun 2015 / Work
If you have visitors planning a trip to HK, or you just want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the city’s amazing events, then this calendar highlights what’s happening in the city during the year. The month by month weather insights are super useful for visitors and thanks to the team at Hotel Club, …
15 Jun 2015 / Around HK
Recent Hong Kong arrival, Sarah Richard, gives us her insights into some of the things that people in HK to just that little bit differently to the rest of the world - how many of these resonate with you?
8 Jun 2015 / Around HK
Capture great images of Hong Kong at night with an evening photography course with Nina de Vries.
7 May 2015 / Around HK
From paragliding to silent dimsum, from trampolining to organic farming and much more, here are 10 unusual things to try in Hong Kong.
7 May 2015 / Around HK
Declutter your apartment with StuffGenie Hong Kong.
7 May 2015 / Essential HK
Hong Kong bike rental scheme.
29 Apr 2015 / Around HK

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