Hypnotherapy in Hong Kong

Hypnotherapy can be beneficial to mental well being, for overcoming ingrained and unhelpful thought patterns, treating addictions and for performance coaching for athletes and business people. There’s some evidence that it can also improve physical health, the attitude of the mind can aid physical recovery and reduce the experience of pain (including in childbirth through hypnobirthing techniques).

If you’ve been searching for hypnotherapists in Hong Kong then Christine Deschemin at Renewed Edge might be the right therapist for you. Personally, I was already sold on the power of hypnotherapy because many years ago, after several failed attempts to stop smoking, one hypnotherapy session ended the craving forever with no effort at all on my part. So when Christine called to invite me to try a session with her I was excited to go along.

Christine is a Master Hypnotist and Hypno-coach, she’s certified by the NGH (The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc) in the U.S. and has received a diploma as hypno-coach and practitioner in France. Before moving into hypnotherapy Christine worked in finance, so she has a personal insight into the challenges and demands of high-flying careers here in Hong Kong. At her office in Central she works on all aspects of hypnotherapy for physical and mental wellbeing, including work with children and teens (for example dealing with exam stress) and hypnobirthing. She has a particular passion for supporting individuals to reach peak performance, be that athletes, executives or entrepreneurs who want to overcome behavioural and emotional challenges and reach success.

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On arriving at Christine’s office I completed a questionnaire about the challenge I wanted to work on and then we sat down together to discuss this in more detail. Christine was skilled at making me feel comfortable, she has a calm and non-judgemental persona. Christine didn’t dig too deeply into my psyche at this point, which I appreciated, but seemed to get enough background to make the session effective.

What is hypnotherapy like?

Have you ever been hypnotised? It’s an interesting experience, you do not fall asleep, but you enter a very relaxed and calm state where you are open to suggestion. Interestingly Christine told me that children under the age of 7 spend most of their time in this state, so parents be careful what you say to them! If you’ve ever tried meditation, I’d describe it as being quite similar to a guided meditation but with a deeper sense of relaxation.

Christine’s sessions usually last around 60-90 minutes, including time for discussion. During the hypnotherapy itself Christine used visualisations to encourage me to see my problems disappearing. Usually I am not a visual person at all, but found that I was able to visualise more freely and clearly than I normally would. Although Christine and I had only chatted briefly and she didn’t know me well, she had excellent and helpful insights into my thinking and behaviour.

After the session Christine gave me a USB of the background music she had played and asked me to listen to daily to increase the benefits of the hypnotherapy. I have to admit I’ve never listened to this, my one suggestion for Christine would be to use a format which is easier to access on a phone.

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Does hypnotherapy work?

Did it work? The results were subtle but positive. I didn’t feel especially different when I left Christine’s office, but over the coming days and weeks there were definite changes and improvements in the feelings and behaviour we had addressed which was fantastic for me personally and helpful to my business. My hypnotherapy session happened 2 months ago, and if I had the budget I would definitely go back for an additional session to build upon that initial success, and I would recommend Christine to any friends considering hypnotherapy.

Contact details

You can contact Christine via her website or on 9884 8036

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