Trying to stay fit and active at home? Give this lower body workout a try!
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Face masks are a must-have item in Hong Kong - here are some greener and more fashionable reusable options for you.
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Read more about this fantastic community-building artistic contest for young people aged 12-18.
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Dr Hannah Sugarman, a Clinical Advisor at the charity Mind Hong Kong, shares some advice on what we can all do to protect our wellbeing and mental health during these challenging times.
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These home workouts will help you stay fit and toned without ever leaving your apartment!
11 Feb 2020 / Fitness / Wellness

Many of us are feeling some pressure at the moment, so Mind HK's 'move it for mental health' campaign is very timely. Challenge yourself to take 30 minutes of daily exercise this month and feel the benefits in body & spirit!
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Those fun and festive nights are behind us and Dry January is in full swing, but we don’t see that as a reason for our social lives to suffer. Instead, we are embracing the non-alcoholic beverage with open arms and can see it definitely becoming a trend that lasts far beyond the end of the month.
22 Jan 2020 / Drink / Taste / Wellness
Start your weekend a fantastic outdoor yoga session and brunch at The Peak Lookout.
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Hong Kong's hectic pace of life, and pollution, can be tough on the skin - treat yourself to one of these fantastic facials!
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My 12 favourite podcasts for entrepreneurs with inspiration and tips for business and life!
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Have you been considering trying hypnotherapy in Hong Kong? We sampled a hypnotherapy session at Renewed Edge and here's what we found.
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If you’re tired of this hot, damp HK summer, bring a little touch of Thai sunshine into your life with these Thai massages from BloomMe.
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If you're craving peace and relaxation then our guide to fabulous massages around Hong Kong has you covered. Each spa offers a unique vibe and range of treatments, so select the one that best suits your mood, then relax, unwind and enjoy!
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If you’re tired of this damp HK summer, bring a little touch of Thai sunshine into your life with a fantastic 30% off Thai massages from BloomMe.
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