If you want to stock up on rapid Covid-19 tests (e.g. close contacts of local cases need to undergo multiple RATs during home quarantine), here’s where you can buy at-home Covid tests in Hong Kong (RT-PCR and RAT). If you’re not sure what kit to buy, refer to these lists from the Department of Health, European Commission, and U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

Note: At the time of writing, many of the online stores have sold out of their online stock, but the situation is changing rapidly and stock may become available online or in physical stores.

What to do if your test comes back positive?

Results from RATs are generally seen as preliminary as they are less accurate than PCR tests. If you test positive for Covid-19 and exhibit serious symptoms, the government recommends that instead of immediately going to a public hospital, you should contact Accident & Emergency services to undergo deep throat saliva testing.

If you test positive and exhibit mild or no symptoms, contact the Center for Health Protection (2477 2772), who may advise you to go for a supplementary test near your home or stay put and wait for further instruction.

Where to buy rapid COVID tests in Hong Kong?

covid 19 antigen test hong kong
Covid-19 rapid antigen diagnostic test (© dronepicr, CC BY 2.0)


Brand: Various brands
Buy: Rapid antigen tests can be purchased online (different price ranges)

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Brand: AQUILAVIE SARS-Cov-2 Ag Self-test
Buy: Purchase online, starting from HK$28 for an individual test to HK$468 for 25 tests


Brand: Testsealabs, Banitore, StrongStep, SaveWo, and more
Buy: Purchase online, starting from HK$18 for an individual test to HK$1,000 for 50 tests

Dr. Mask

Brand: INDICAID COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test
Buy: Order online, HK$3,000 for box of 25 (including referral for a free viral-RNA test if you test positive with the antigen kit)


Brand: INDICAID, Abbott Panbio, ABCDs, and more
Buy: Purchase online, starting from HK$63 for Aikang rapid test kit (1 test)


Brand: INDICAID COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test
Buy: Buy online starting from HK$120 for one kit or in-person at most Watsons locations and Central lab (Shop 3, G/F, Central 88, 88-98 Des Voeux Rd Central, Central


Brand: GenBody Antigen Test Kit and PCR test
Buy: Purchase online, starting from HK$888 for same-day PCR test


Brand: Roche, INDICAID, Abbott Panbio, Arista, CO-Check
Buy: Purchase online or in-person at Manning’s locations around Hong Kong


Brand: AESKU.RAPID, Abbott Panbio, and INDICAID
Buy: Purchase online, starting from HK$120 for INDICAID kit (1 test)


Brand: AESKU.RAPID and Abbott Panbio
Buy: Purchase online, starting from HK$1,749 for AESKU.RAPID rapid antigen test (pack of 20)


Brand: Ojabio and Arista
Buy: Purchase online or in-person at Parknshop locations around Hong Kong

Project Screen by Prenetics

Brand: Prenetics RT-PCR COVID-19 Test
Buy: Purchase online, HK$390 or HK$490 with pick-up service

Synergy Medical Supply

Brand: Gline-2019-nCOV Ag Self-Test Kit
Buy: Purchase online, HK$575 for box of five

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Brand: Roche, Abbott Panbio, and Arista
Buy: Purchase online or in-person at Watsons locations around Hong Kong

Various small pharmacies

Besides these providers, many small pharmacies carry Rapid Antigen Testing kits, such as Famous Pharmacy Ltd. (信譽大藥房) in Kennedy Town. In Cantonese, you can ask for a “san gun fai yim faai chuk chak si tou jong” (新冠肺炎快速測試套裝).

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