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If you’re stuck at home and far from your family and friends, and you’re looking for activities to spend time together, enter the virtual reality of LOST to complete the challenge of an escape room with 5 different themes and levels to choose from: Level 6, The Walled City, Atlantis, Aokigahara, and Stolen. This experience is promised to be a sweet escape from the current situation and will give your brain a good workout!

Challenge your friends and colleagues anytime

The power of the virtual world allows us to connect at any time and anywhere to explore some of the world’s most mysterious historical sites and familiar scenes to the people of Hong Kong. Get ready for an adventure to travel through space and time, immerse into a new world and let loose for some relaxation.

A virtual escape room is easy to get started. All you have to do is choose a theme of your choice and reserve a timeslot available on LOST’s website. Upon filling in all your information, you will receive the golden link to your virtual escape room which can accommodate 4 to 8 players. Throughout the entire session, one of the hosts from LOST will be around to engage with your group and ensure a fun time bringing everyone to feel your surroundings deeply.

Through the 360-degree vision, you can zoom in or out to observe every corner in detail to find clues and pieces to solve puzzles with your teammates. The finest details and efforts have been put into the game to create a realistic atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re present in the environment.

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LOST’s virtual escape rooms are not only perfect for family and friends to have fun during this time, but a great team social activity for companies and organizations. All you need is a computer to go online anywhere at your own comfort and with some delicious goods on the side. Each escape room requires wits and teamwork, bringing you entertainment while discovering your own skillsets is exactly what they mean by learning while playing.

5 new virtual reality themes

Level 6 (唐七樓) Difficulty: 2/5

Synopsis: Not a lot of people know this, but Level 6 is actually a secret about LOST, which stands for Lost Operations Special Training. The LOST building was built by the BOSS as an advanced agent training facility. However, it is not easy to get to the training base. In order to reach the LOST headquarters, you must find useful information on Level 6 of the lift. The only thing we can say is, you and your team must be observant and agile to successfully complete this level.

The Walled City (九龍寨城) Difficulty: 3/5

Synopsis: You have a very strong interest in the history of Hong Kong, especially about the Walled City of Kowloon. You know that the ancestor of the “King of Kowloon”, Tsang Tsoi Choi, was given the deed of the Kowloon City by the Qing emperor. Unfortunately, during World War 2 the ancestors of the Tsang family had to flee for safety where they later lost their home in a fire together with the deed of land which was left behind. One day, you decided to make a visit to the Walled City to investigate, but suddenly the weather drastically changed and a lightning bolt hit you that took you back to the hour before the demolition of the Kowloon Walled City. You find yourself sent back to the Tsang’s residence where a fire is breaking out.

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Atlantis (亞特蘭提斯) Difficulty: 3/5

Synopsis: As one of the most mysterious nations, Atlantis disappeared in the ocean more than 10,000 years ago. Archaeologists have found evidence that this might be a true history in our planet but the mystery has not yet been solved. Now you and your team are going on an adventure to find out the truth about this mysterious nation…

Aokigahara (青木が原) Difficulty: 4/5

Synopsis: Aokigahara is a dense forest at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan often known as the “Suicide Forest”. The density of the forest and magnetic fields underground disrupt navigation tools that make people easily lose their way inside and spark suicidal thoughts when they panic. Will you and your team be able to find your way out of this thrilling mysterious forest?

Stolen (掠奪) Difficulty: 5/5

Synopsis: At 1am on March 18, 1990, two men disguised as policemen swindled the guards to open the doors for them into the “Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum” in Boston. In 81 minutes, the two men stole 13 works of art valued at USD 500 million. This is said to be the largest art heist in history. Upon the robbery, only a pile of picture frames remained at the scene where the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has spent more than 20 years of effort investigating, but the case remains unsolved. Now you and your team will travel back to the year of the crime and take on this challenge to solve this mysterious case. 

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