Hong Kong is highly likely to get showers and thunderstorms over the weekend, because of an area of low pressure that will affect the territory. The Hong Kong Observatory predicts that the weather will be mainly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms, which may be squally at times, on Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures will range between 24 and 29 degrees Celsius during this time.

hong kong weather forecast april 27-may 5 2024
The weather forecast for Hong Kong from April 27-May 5, 2024 (© Hong Kong Observatory)

The city’s meteorological body has issued four Amber Rainstorm warnings this month, the most recent being on Friday morning. This means that the forecaster expects more than 30mm of rainfall within an hour and flooding in low-lying areas of the territory. Authorities also sent out a hail warning at 8:35am on Friday, and cautioned people to prepare themselves for violent gusts.

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The observatory also predicts that the rain will ease up on Monday and Tuesday, but will pick up again in the middle of next week due to another trough of low pressure that it expects will impact Hong Kong. This will bring more showers and thunderstorms, which will let up during the weekend that follows.

For the latest Hong Kong weather updates, visit the Hong Kong Observatory website. To understand Hong Kong’s typhoon signals and weather warnings, check out our explainer here.

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