Fans of the children’s YouTube Channel CoComelon can celebrate the yuletide season with JJ at Olympian City. The CoComelon Holiday Adventure, which will be held at the mall from November 25, 2023-January 1, 2024, will give little ones the chance to experience a CoComelon Winter Wonderland where they can adventure through five festive zones to accomplish three missions.

candy cane tunnel and inflatable chimneys cocomelon olympian city hong kong
Children who take part in the CoComelon mission must go through a candy cane tunnel and toss gifts into inflatable chimneys.

The highlight of the festivities will be a 3,000 square feet CoComelon Christmas inflatable wonderland in the season’s colours of red, green, and yellow. Children can check out the 11-metre-high inflatable Christmas tree, before they compete in three CoComelon missions to help Santa distribute presents to everyone. 

Participants will travel through the Candy Cane Tunnel to arrive at the Christmas Gift Hut, where they need to choose the corresponding decorations for the gifts. Next, they will work their way through an inflatable obstacle course to find hidden bean-bag gifts, which they must then toss into an inflatable chimney as they bounce on a trampoline. When the missions are completed, participating children will get a commemorative pin as they slide into a supersized ball pit to victory.

yellow school bus, jj, inflatable christmas tree
Children can pose with the CoComelon yellow school bus, JJ, and an inflatable Christmas tree.

The other attractions that visitors can check out include the CoComelon Yellow School Bus that has been transformed into a Christmas Reindeer Bus, lead character JJ in a Christmas outfit, as well as several spots where kids and their families can take pictures.

Holiday tickets for the CoComelon Holiday Adventure @ Olympian City are available on Klook, and are priced at HK$70 per child from November 15-24, and HK$80 from November 25 onwards. These tickets can only be purchased for weekends from November 25-December 17, and December 22-January 1. Each ticket gets a child 25 minutes of play time.

Image credits: Olympian City

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