Founded in Germany, Origin is a newly created bedding brand that has one main goal: make you sleep peaceful, as if you were being cradled by a cloud. Their mission is to enhance sleep quality through innovative designs and quality materials, developed by an award-winning team of engineers, and backed up by a consortium of doctors worldwide. Offering a range of memory foam and hybrid mattresses, they cater to different sleep preferences and needs.

We got the chance to test an Origin mattress, and they definitely offer one of the best options in Hong Kong should you want to have a quality mattress at a very good price.

Why is having a good mattress essential for your health?

You probably know that having a good mattress is crucial for a great night’s sleep, but do you know why it helps to stay healthy? A poor-quality mattress can cause discomfort and affect our sleep quality, leading to all sorts of health issues like back pain, poor posture, and even insomnia. That’s where memory foam mattresses come in, and that’s the speciality of Origin.

These types of mattresses are becoming increasingly popular because they contour to the shape of your body, providing unmatched comfort and support. Memory foam helps distribute your weight evenly, reducing pressure points and minimizing discomfort. They absorb motion, which is perfect for anyone sharing a bed because it reduces disturbance from movement during the night.

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The Origin Hybrid Mattress, the perfect balance of comfort and support

First things first, the delivery. Origin is a professional company and the delivery process was incredibly smooth. We received my mattress on time and it was rolled, which made it super easy to carry and unpack. The process was seamless and hassle-free. Unpack it, unroll it, and wait for 48 hours until the mattress is fully inflated. We slept very comfortably on the Origin Hybrid Mattress, it felt like we were floating on air!

The mattress is soft and cozy, yet firm and supportive enough to sleep without feeling any discomfort in the morning. We could also do yoga and stretching exercises without sinking.

Also, the mattress is incredibly breathable, and we did not feel hot or stuffy while sleeping on it, which is a big plus in Hong Kong, especially with the hot weather. The mattress cover is actually made of a soft, breathable fabric that keeps us cool throughout the night. The mattress itself also has great ventilation, which helps to wick away moisture and keep the mattress fresh and clean.

The mattress is made of a combination of memory foam and pocket spring coils, which work together to provide the perfect balance of pressure relief and support. The memory foam contours to the body, providing excellent support for the shoulders, hips, and back. The pocket spring coils also do a great job of providing proper spinal alignment, which is crucial for preventing back pain.

The mattress also has a high-density foam layer that provides exceptional edge support. For instance, we never felt like going to roll off the bed even when sleeping close to the edge. 

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Furthermore, the Origin Hybrid Mattress has a medium-firm feel that is perfect for all types of sleepers. It’s not too soft or too firm, and it provides just the right amount of support for back or side sleepers. We’ve had trouble sleeping on other mattresses in the past because they were either too soft or too firm, but the Origin Hybrid Mattress is just right.

Overall, we highly recommend the Origin Hybrid Mattress as this is an excellent mattress, both recommended by athletes and health experts. And don’t forget that they have a 120-night sleep trial, a free shipping policy and a 15-year warranty, which will give you peace of mind in case you’re not satisfied… but we bet you will!

Disclaimer: The author received a complimentary mattress from Origin in exchange for a review.

Images courtesy of Origin Mattress Hong Kong

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