Hong Kong is set to get its newest country and marine parks in 2024. The city’s Chief Secretary for Administration Eric Chan revealed that the SAR’s 25th country park and eighth marine park will be completed next year.

Speaking at the launch of the Beautiful Hong Kong campaign on Monday, Chan said that the country park, Robin’s Nest near Sha Tau Kok, will also have a wildlife corridor connected to Wutong Mountain National Park near Yantian in Shenzhen.

A Chinese White Dolphin swimming in the sea in Hong Kong. About half of its body is exposed as it swims.
A Chinese White Dolphin spotted in Hong Kong (© WWF Hong Kong via Facebook)

In addition, the North Lantau Marine Park — which will be adjacent to the national nature reserve for Chinese white dolphins in the Pearl River estuary — will become a crucial habitat for the species, which is listed as “Vulnerable” in the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.

Chan added that the Hong Kong government will also work to upgrade the facilities of the city’s popular hiking tracks and the Hong Kong Wetland Park.

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Header image credits: Derek Yung via Canva

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