It’s no wonder that there are a plethora of spas in Hong Kong, a city where working hours regularly surpass sleeping hours and the mental and physical strain of a high person-to-space ratio. Sometimes a centering experience to break up daily life is just necessary.

Whether you are looking for a quick refresh on your lunch break or an all-out pampering experience, we’ve got you covered with these five luxurious, but not necessarily outrageously priced, spa concepts in Central.

elu spa hong kong
Enjoy a post-treatment refreshment at the lounge area (©

When you step into the warm wooden surroundings of, the goal is to make you feel like you have been lifted out of the crowds of Central into a chilling and relaxing environment, centrally located on Lyndhurst Terrace. is committed to using only natural and organic products, formulated for allergy-prone skin to offer a nurturing whole body luxuriance. Therapists will work with you to customize the unique experience. For example, prior to the Aromatherapy Massage ($990), you can choose any oil.

Try the signature Eminence 8-Step Hungarian Massage Facial ($880), which therapists do entirely by hand using Eminence skincare products, also used at Four Seasons’ spas internationally. Note, walk-ins are not accepted. And ensures that every visitor receives the same high quality of care and treatment., 7/F, Oriental Crystal Commercial Building, 46 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central | +852 2668 1381

F L O A T Co.

float co floating therapy pod hong kong
Personalize lighting and music in your pod (© F L O A T Co.)

For an unconvential spa experience, F L O A T Co. specializes in float therapy, which involves floating in a futuristic pod to limit sensory input. The purported benefits of float therapy, a relatively new field that grew into public view around the 50s, are tension and stress relief sprouting from the experience of being totally physically supported (you are made buoyant by the addition of epsom salt), yet free.

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Experience varies from person to person, as the pods are more of a medium to eliminate the outside world and go inwards. But it’s generally accepted that floating weightlessly helps the body to relax back into its natural state from ways that our bodies may be compensating from regular or chronic pain, which often manifest as back and neck discomfort. However, you don’t need to suffer from pain to see benefits: the biggest impact is most often a vastly improved mental state.

Basement, 89 Caine Rd, Mid-Levels | +852 2548 2844

Pamper DPT

pamper dpt spa hong kong
Luxury surroundings and products at Pamper DPT (© Pamper DPT)

With two locations in Central offering a combination of spa, workshop space, and essential oil-based product shop, Pamper DPT is reimagining the traditional spa offering. The only spa in Asia following in the footsteps of the Peninsula to offer luxury anti-ageing facials by Margy’s Monte Carlo, and the only spa in Hong Kong offering the Eve Lom Facial ($2,180) spearheaded by Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Pamper DPT boasts high quality treatments with a foundation of high quality essential oils and a focus on holistic wellness.

Unique treatments on offer include the Tibetan singing bowl sound therapy ($550) and deep relaxation vibration treatment ($1,100). While the treatment you receive is lavish, you don’t need to block off your whole afternoon – Pamper prioritizes efficiency, whether you’re in need of a quick readjustment or mani.

4/F, 20 Stanley St, Central | +852 6978 8688

The Right Spot

the right spot spa hong kong
Personalized beauty treatment starting with a room to yourself (© The Right Spot)

The Right Spot is built to offer the luxury of an expensive hotel spa with the efficiency and affordability of your local foot and body massage spa. Their therapists specialize in different fields, with either an aromatherapy certification or decades of experience in traditional Chinese medicine methods such as cupping.

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Their signature Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience ($1,280) starts with a consultation about your physical, mental, and emotional state – because they know issue treatment goes beyond the skin. This is followed by an oil consultation to identify the key ingredients that will treat individuals’ specific functional issues and suit smell preference. During non-COVID times, The Right Spot also supports local artists by displaying their work, which also works to enhance the tranquility of the atmosphere.

The Right Spot, 5/F, 20 Stanley St, Central | +852 6998 7768

SOVOS Aromatherapy

sovos aromatherapy spa hong kong
SOVOS’ foundation is bontanical aromatherapy certification (© SOVOS)

SOVOS Aromatherapy understands that the more thoroughly you understand a client’s needs, the more you can do for them. Their treatments, centered around the principles of certified botanical aromatherapy, are personalized to each individual. For example, they understand that deep tissue massage is not suitable during pregnancy as it’s recommended to avoid overstimulating acupuncture points, although deep tissue massage offers more instant relief for pregnancy-related aches (the Pregnancy Massage starts at $780).

Factors like this are taken into consideration to make sure they’re providing sustainable, long-term relief, not just treating symptoms. The complicated science of creating targeted combinations of herbal blends has been mastered insofar as the still young science of aromatherapy understands, as all SOVOS therapists are International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists-certified.

1/F, Tak Woo House, 1 Wo On Lane, Central | +852 5970 0218

Header image credits: Alan Caishan via Unsplash

This article was done in collaboration with the abovementioned spas. Reach out if you’d like to be included!

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