honestbee x Feeding Hong Kong Partner for World Food Day

Find out how, with just a few clicks, you can support Feeding Hong Kong's drive to tackle the city's food crisis.

16 Oct 2017 — By Melanie Grosjean / Around HK

Maybe you’ve heard the sad statistic that more than 70,000 Hong Kong families fall below the poverty line – clear evidence that the hunger crisis in Hong Kong is serious. This year, Feeding Hong Kong and grocery concierge service, honestbee, are partnering to create the first online charity “store” in an effort to fight hunger in Hong Kong.

honestbee customers can choose from approximately 20 products in the online store and app. The purchased items are sent directly to the charity. As an added bonus, honestbee has agreed to match customers’ purchases one to one, so for every one item you purchase, you will be providing two of that item to hungry families in Hong Kong.

All of the items in the online charity store were specially selected to include basic staple items like noodles, rice, cooking oil and canned food. All food donations will supplement the work Feeding Hong Kong is already doing to distribute everyday necessities to some of the most vulnerable of Hong Kong’s residents. You can find the honestbee / Feeding Hong Kong store here.


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