The Internet Loved this Made-in-Hong-Kong Proposal Story!

Need engagement ideas? Find out how this man created the ultimate #couplegoals #shesaidyes proposal.

12 Oct 2018 — By Kate Farr / Lifestyle
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The Fairytale Romance

American limbo superstar Shemika Charles & her husband Brandon Campbell, speak to me about their viral second proposal in Hong Kong. The Campbells have been on a worldwide tour and over the summer, they found themselves in Hong Kong, performing for Ocean Park’s Viva Spectacular Summer Carnival.

Shemika is a twice Guinness World Records holder and no stranger to the spotlight. Her unique skills have seen her appear on TV worldwide, including on America’s Got Talent, The Late Late Show With James Corden, and – a personal highlight for Shemika – The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Just a Simple Walmart Ring

Proud husband Brandon explains how the jet-setting couple first got together, “I first met Shemika through social media – I had a crush on her, but she was playing hard to get! We were together for two years and one month before I popped the question.” Head-over-heels, and keen to make things official without delay, the Campbells chose an affordable, yet heartfelt ring, with Brandon explaining, “… it was a $58 Walmart ring, which she loved true and dear to her heart!”

And although Shemika was already thrilled with any plain old ring, little did she know that Brandon was saving hard to surprise her with her dream engagement ring. He explains “I could not let her birthday pass without getting the ring that I thought she deserved.”

The Engagement Ring Fit for a Queen

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Shemika’s stunning bespoke engagement ring

As if the stars aligned, Brandon discovered that they were going to be in Hong Kong, a city known to be Asia’s diamond capital, on Shemika’s birthday. And with extensive research, Brandon eventually chose Hong Kong’s original bespoke jeweller, Bee’s Diamonds to create Shemika’s upgraded ring.

His experience exceeded all expectations, with the long-established jeweller  accommodating the couple’s hectic schedule with the ultimate five star treatment. “We were working four or five shows per day, six days a week, and my time was very limited. But every time I reached out, they were there to accommodate me with whatever was needed. When I say they went above and beyond for us, it’s truly an understatement! Their professionalism, their courtesy, and their specific attention to detail were simply amazing.

And nowhere was Bee’s Diamonds attention to detail more apparent than in the creation of the custom engagement ring. Every element of the process was handled with the utmost care, from his hour-long consultation with a certified gemologist, to the setting of every diamond in the ring. Over forty years, the jewellery house has mastered the fine art of tailoring each prong to every diamond’s unique cut to maximise its potential light reflection. As their long-held reputation for having Hong Kong’s sparkliest diamond jewellery hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Brandon himself asks us to notice the blinding sparkle of his wife’s ring. Surrounded by 46 accent diamonds totalling 0.94 carats, the centrepiece of Shemika’s beautiful engagement ring is a stunning, 1.70-carat triple-excellent round diamond. Classically elegant, the totally custom made piece is perfectly finished in platinum for a truly dazzling effect.

The Swoon-Worthy Second Proposal

On the big day of Brandon’s second proposal, the couple celebrated in style. Brandon hired a suite at Southside’s L’Hotel, and filled this with 300 red roses and 100 balloons for maximum romantic impact. The dreamy setting, coupled with a truly unique and stunning engagement ring made for the ultimate in swoon-worthy impact.


A romantic second proposal here in Hong Kong

Facebook Loved This Romantic Engagement Story

When Brandon shared the Cinderella story of the ring upgrade on Facebook, little did he know that the post would go completely viral. The post, in which he wisely noted, “It’s not the way you start, it’s the way you finish”, quickly accumulated an extraordinary 36,000 likes and 30,000 shares, clearly striking a chord with die-hard romantics worldwide.

The Campbells’ touching love story culminated in their wedding in April 2018, with the couple soon back on the road together, travelling to performances around the globe, including here in Hong Kong – a city that, with a little help from Bee’s Diamonds, will now hold an extra-special place in their hearts forever.


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