2015-03-27 23:17:09
net gave
to Central Library
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net... nanooi98sdf...
2015-03-27 17:32:08
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to Smasher Cricket Development
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2015-02-25 13:08:59
lea25 gave
to MOTT 32
lea25 says
Modern Chinese restaurant in central hong kong at its best! I love how they boost the "East meets west" theme. It is so sophisticated and classic.
2015-02-02 18:06:24
jaynerussell gave
to Feather Boa
jaynerussell says
Crowded/cosy/comfortable and how can you go wrong with a Chocolate malteser Martini. Great cocktails -you'll find yourself telling friends to go too
2014-11-14 10:27:29
tiki gave
to Hong Kong Art Tutoring
tiki says
A "serious" art studio, probably more suited to secondary school students. Definitely not for all, but for us it's PERFECT! Nice atmosphere, small.