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FLEX Studio offers Hong Kong’s most comprehensive Pilates, yoga, barre and HIIT cardio programmes in two spacious studios located in both Central and Island South. Find out what makes Flex an exceptional partner in your own unique journey to optimum fitness.

25 May 2016 — By Catherine Stewart / Fitness
Flex Studio

FLEX Studio, home of intelligent movement, offers Hong Kong’s most comprehensive Pilates, yoga, barre and HIIT cardio programmes in two spacious studios located in both Central and Island South. Rigorous and highly effective, Flex’s Pilates classes are led by Hong Kong’s most experienced instructors, who challenge clients to achieve their personal best in every session.  The studio’s signature Allegro classes are precisely choreographed and unique to Flex, with small class sizes allowing for personal attention from the instructor.

Private Tuition at Flex

Private Pilates tuition is offered in Flex’s equipment room, which contains a full range of specialized Pilates apparatus. Sixty-minute sessions are conducted privately (one-on-one), semi-privately (two-to-one) or as private groups up to three people. Following the studio’s core philosophy to make every training session a positive and productive one, individual client needs are carefully addressed by our team of instructors.  Through private instruction, clients gain valuable insight about their bodies, and are appropriately pushed by an instructor who develops a progressive exercise plan for them to follow. During the first session, the client will be given an Assessment, during which time the instructor will note posture and alignment, strength and flexibility, as well as the client’s fitness goals and medical history. Together, the instructor and client will outline specific goals for specified intervals, i.e. one month, three months, etc. so the client is aware of his/her progress. Private tuition is perfect for those with specific needs such as injury rehabilitation, post/pre-natal conditioning, preparing for an important race or wedding day.  Physical therapy is also offered in-house, with clinical Pilates rehabilitation, thus Flex is well equipped to handle a wide range of needs.

Stand Out Teachers

Although other studios in HK offer yoga, barre and high intensity cardio classes, what makes Flex stand out are the amazing teachers who deliver exceptional classes.  It is no exaggeration to say that Flex literally recruits the best teachers in HK (and all over the world) to lead inspirational and transformational class experiences on a daily basis.  Our yoga teachers have years of experience and come from a wide variety of yoga backgrounds; they have each developed their own unique styles of practice, and lead classes suitable for a range of practitioners from beginner to advanced. Flex is the only studio in Hong Kong offering an extensive, licensed barre programme, Xtend Barre©, taught by certified instructors who continually refresh and update choreography to avoid performance plateau.  Delivering quick results in target areas, barre sculpts and burns fat in one fun-filled 55-minute session.

Aerial Pilates and Unique Focused Workshops

Flex Studio Aerial

Flex also offers Flying Pilates, an aerial workout performed in a suspended hammock for adults and teens alike.  A great way to spice up a workout programme, aerial classes can be very challenging – particularly for upper body and core strength, as well as lower body flexibility.  Flex also offers fantastic Workshops to improve practice (think Mastering Headstands or Pilates for Dragonboaters), tune up the body (stretch and release through Yamuna Body Rolling©), provide holistic wellness information (Posture Taping to Alleviate Neck Pain), and Pre/Post Natal Conditioning.

Teen Fitness Programmes

Passionate about educating teens how to be healthy for life, Flex has HK’s most comprehensive fitness program for pre-teens and teens, offering barre, yoga, Pilates and aerial arts specifically for this age group. We help teens and tweens gain confidence in their growing bodies, move intelligently and educate them about healthy choices for life.

The Flex Difference

Flex’s business model is truly unique to Hong Kong, with services and programmes carefully choreographed to benefit committed athletes, mums-to-be, those recovering from injury, and everyone in between.  The studio encourages clients to be multidisciplinary, and take a variety of classes to keep the body balanced, and in optimal condition. Whether you seek stress relief or a serious sweat session, Flex delivers. Regardless of age or fitness level, Flex will push you to achieve peak physical condition, and change your approach to working out.

Flex Studio can be found at these locations:

308- 310, One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen. T: 2813 2212

3/F Man Cheung Building, 15-17 Wyndham Street, Central T: 2813 2399

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